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bufficrucians's Journal

The Temple of The Bufficrucian Order
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Anybody , Moderated
This is a discusson area for the Order of the Bufficrucians, an order watching Buffy from Season 1-7 at Chez Starry Nuit (and don't forget, Season 8 in comic form!). Here we can discuss all things Buffy-related from theory, to ideas to symbolism,to magick in this universe and magick in the Buffyverse, physics, finds from the Buffyverse to good reads and beyond. If you are interested www.slayageonline.tv is a great journal and Women and Children First! in Chicago is a great place to shop for your Buffy books (http://www.womenandchildrenfirst.com) since they have a Buffy section--so support them or order from your indie bookstore.)

If you think it might be a spoiler, put it behind a cut.
If you want to put up pictures, put them behind a cut.
If you want to put up YouTube, put it behind a cut.

Want to be a Bufficrucian? The temple doors are open to astral members and we'd love to hear what you have to say. This is open to discussing all aspects of the Buffyverse. A word: I like squeeing as much as the next fan. However, I'd like to keep the Bufficrucians content high and squee low (I won't say no to a bit now and then, but not a million posts that say OMFG CUTE please--okay?)

Other than that, enjoy yourselves. Let's talk of Sunnydale Mysteries.
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